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Family Spring Break

Spring Break is here and that means getting a family vacation in, even for a weekend! In this blog, we’ll talk about fun family vacations and how your family dynamic plays into family vacations. Family vacations bring lifelong memories, and take your family away from the day-to-day routines.

If you family loves to try new and local places to eat in whatever town you’re visiting, we have a list of local barbecue places throughout cities in Texas you should definitely check out. Another recommendation is to research local restaurants, so you can support the local families in the town you’re visiting. Many tourist towns have mom and pop shops you can dine at. Family activities can make a vacation fun! Some fun family activities could include skiing, going to Disney World, swimming in Barton Springs, or going to a sporting event. You want to make time to do some fun things so you're able to make memories with your family. Plan an itinerary, however, leave some wiggle room in your plans in case you find something else that's fun to do! Some of the best memories are made in an unplanned family activity! 

Family dynamics also play a role in your vacation experiences. At home, you have many daily tasks to complete, but when you're on a vacation, you don't necessarily have to worry about those responsibilities at home. A family vacation gives you the opportunity to explore, take a break from reality, and explore something new. With all that, a family dynamic is important when deciding what to do and when to do it. 

1. Take time to do something fun for yourself.

- You don't want to spend your whole vacation worrying about your kids or what other families are up to! Take some time to relax and unwind, because that's what vacations are for. You deserve to have some time to yourself and do something you enjoy, whether it's reading, relaxing at the pool, or taking a quick jog around the block. Taking time for yourself is a key role in the parent's dynamic so you aren't overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of taking a family vacation. 

2. Leave plenty of time to leave. 

- Where ever you and your family are going, make sure to leave plenty of time for travel and waiting in lines. You don't want to get to your destination, only to find out there's a two hour line to get on your favorite ride at the amusement park or telling your family members to hurry up. 

3. Take pictures!

- One of the best ways to remember your family vacation is to document. Make the effort to snap a picture or spend the extra $5 on the stuffed animal your kids want because those small things will make you happy in the future. 

4. Know your limit and the limit those traveling with you.

- Sure, we all want to wait in line for that super awesome roller coaster, but if it's too hot, you and your kids might be miserable. If you're skiing and it's snowing hard or your kids can't catch on, know when it's time to call it quits. Find another easy and relaxing activity for your family to enjoy without pushing their limits. 

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